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[Tuesday's FTB] More Hockey, Please


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Daniel Berehulak

Watching Leafs prospects is great, and screaming at your PS3 or XBox is equally fun, but I'm ready for some real-life NHL hockey. My interest in the NHL is ebbing away, and soon, I might start looking into which KHL team would be best to support. (My inclination is to cheer for Grabbo's team, but I do enjoy an underdog.)

Things That Drive Me Insane In NHL 13: "I can't touch the puck!"
Just watch the video I made to see what I mean. Sometimes, the AI just refuses to let you intercept the puck, and that's the only reason things are difficult. Oh, uh, yeah, this article is written by me.

Tyler Biggs had a +10 Corsi on Friday
Shwing. From Cam Charron at TLN.

Marlies Hot & Cold: October 29th- November 4th
You haven't been following the Marlies very closely? Kyle Cicerella has you covered.

Even some owners don’t like what’s under the cap in NHL labour dispute
Not being able to use potential bonus money to get to the cap unsettles some owners. From David Shoalts.

The argument that hockey players are actually underpaid
From Cam Charron at BHS.

The NHL and NHLPA are meeting on Tuesday, some progress has been made
SHOW ME THE MONEY. From Justin Bourne.