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[Thursday's FTB] Let's All Get Our Hopes Up

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Scott Barbour

All this silence around the NHL/PA negotiations makes me think that a deal is imminent. That is, "a couple weeks from now" imminent. If it's not imminent and the season is toast, then I'm moving to Russia to watch KHL hockey. (Also, you should add "that's the joke" to whatever snarky response you just thought up about Americans moving to Canada.)

At least I'm not alone in this hope. Other writers, "experts", and journalists seem relatively upbeat about things. Well, mostly.

Anyway, here be your links.

The NHL had minimal pressure from sponsors to start the season on time
They key word here is 'had'. From JB.

Municipal election gives Coyotes another headache
What can you do but shake your head and laugh at this whole situation? How crazy is it that the team is still there? If you just thought "hey, that's not crazy, that lease is really a big issue", shut up. Story from David Shoalts.

Gomez returns to play for ECHL’s Alaska Aces
The jokes just make themselves. From the AP at the Globe.

Jake Gardiner impressed with Barons’ Justin Schultz
I had forgotten that Burke drafted Schultz. Story from Kyle Cicerella.

Reference library: Prospects
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. Also, say 'thank you' to Eric T. for putting this together for you.

Nate Silver, elections and SPORTS
Yeah, he's good at predicting things. From Cam Charron.