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Drop the puck!

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Two weeks ago, we were all writing off the season. This afternoon, NHL hockey is back, baby.

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Want play hockey. Drop puck now.
Want play hockey. Drop puck now.

Zero more sleeps until hockey! That's right - the shortened season kicks off today, and the schedule is set for "all-the-hockey-you-can-drink-from-a-fire-hose:"

At 3, Pittsburgh at Philidelphia, Ottawa at Winnipeg, and Chicago at LA.

At 7, Leafs at Canadiens, Rangers at Boston, Devils at Islanders, and Caps at Lightning. Carolina-Florida is off set for 7:30

At 8, Detroit at St Louis, Columbus at Nashville, and Phoenix at Dallas play.

Colorado-Minnesota are playing at 9 and Anaheim-Vancouver is closing your night out at 10PM. (All EST, of course.)

The teams are ready soooooo let's play hockey!


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