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Battle of Ontario and a Weekend Hockey Binge

It's a long weekend in the US, so there's a ton of hockey on between now and Monday.

Is there any NHL goalie that scrambles and short-dives so much?
Is there any NHL goalie that scrambles and short-dives so much?
Grant Halverson

Hockey starts at 3 today, 12:30 tomorrow, and 1 on Monday. The Leafs play a home game (at the ACC) against the Ottawa Senators starting at 7 tonight. Lots of weekend hockey! For now, lots of links:

Vintage Leaf Memories - Michael Langlois: Whatever happened to the promising mid-'80s Maple Leafs?
VLM ponders the question

Jake Allen Robs T.J. Brodie
What a reaction. Skates away like a boss.

Five NHL teams that need to start wearing their third jerseys full-time | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Mooney likes third jerseys.

Dropping the Gloves: A review of Barry Melrose's book
Barry Melrose Rocks reviews Barry Melrose's book. I'm surprised it wasn't named Barry Melrose Rocks.

The Honeymoon: Is It Love? - Hockey Wilderness
A HW post (not by BReynolds) consoling everyone who's freaking out about the Wild only being a middle of the pack team following the Parise-Suter signing. It is not a link to all the prediction pieces that expected exactly that.

Individual Stats added to -
"With this you can now find out things such as the forwards with the highest first assists per 60 minutes of 5v5 ice time over the past 5 seasons."