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Leafs at Sens: A Home-Away-From-Home Game

The Leafs play the Sens at Scotiabank place, where the house will be packed with resold tickets and Leafs fans who actually want to see their team play.

Even Alfredsson can tell that the Senators stink.
Even Alfredsson can tell that the Senators stink.

The Hawks won last night, becoming the first team to open the season with a 17 game point streak. DiPietro was waived, and some ugly injuries happened in practice and during play. Some links:

Zach Redmond's Miracle on ice
In depth story about Redmond's life-threatening skate cut.

Malkin experiencing concussion symptoms
That's not good. You can see the hit here.

NHL Grab Bag: Pittsburgh's Harlem Shake, Fights About Fights, and Don Cherry's Doppelganger
Between Malkin and Crosby, maybe Pittsburgh should stay away from the Harlem Shake.

Zeitgeist: Noted Life Coach Offers Advice to Waived Rick DiPietro

Lighthouse Hockey has a letter from Brian O'Reilly consoling the waived Rick DiPietro.

ECHL’s Evansville IceMen and Florida Everblades need 21 shootout rounds to determine winner | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

242 Minutes of Penalties in AHL Game
Complete with highlight package.

Tons of action this weekend, as today's games kick off at noon, and tomorrow's at 3 pm.