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Who Needs Luongo? Who Needs Luongo Rumors?

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Dreger admits that TSN is wasting everyone's time by stoking the high-profile-goalie-to-Toronto talk, which everyone who reads this blog already knows because the Leafs don't need to pay assets for a goaltender.

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Never away.
Never away.

If you're getting worked up about the Leafs acquiring Luongo, Kiprusoff, or any other dumb name that the talking heads have thrown around, Darren Dreger was kind enough to confirm what we already knew: They're trolling for views.

Personally, I'll be sure not to watch any televised trade deadline coverage for a few reasons: one because it makes for lousy TV; two,because I have twitter and this blog; and three, because for one or two weeks a year, very official hockey reporters seem to believe that it's okay to pretend they're Hockey Insiderr or Eklund, just because trolling for views is some sort of higher calling than trolling for retweets. It's embarrassing, and it deserves to be thrown in their faces any time they want to make fun of parody or rumor accounts. The TSN logo is the only difference.

Backpedaling aside, TSN and ESPN are supposed to be act like they're above this. Here are your weekend links:

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Captaincy will be left vacant. It's a shame they don't still have Great Leader Dion Phaneuf to wear their C.


Tonight, the sixth place Leafs play against the fifth place Ottawa Senators, as Nazem Kadri is already taking shots at Scotiabank Place:

So to every Leafs fan buying scalped tickets off a Senators fan that doesn't want to see their lousy team: keep up the great work. Hockey starts at 1 PM EST today, and the Leafs' puck drop is at 7.