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[Saturday FTB] Back to Back Again

The Leafs play the Sabres tonight on the tail end of their second back to back in a week.

I saw you looking at James. He's mine! And don't you forget it!
I saw you looking at James. He's mine! And don't you forget it!
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Ah. I love these real Saturdays. They're so relaxing. Not like that fake Saturday that almost got me fired!

Here's Siegel with a recap of last night's game - Includes some thoughts on Kadri

HHOF Weekend - Here's the roundup on the player inductees: Rob BlakeMike ModanoPeter ForsbergDominik Hasek

Remembering Pat Burns: Lance Hornby, Paul Hunter, Pierre LeBrun

Börje Salming To Join Legends Row - Well deserved.

Rick Jeanneret to make play-by-play return during Saturday's Sabres-Leafs game - Puck Daddy has the story of Sabres' play-by-play legend Rick Jeanneret, most famous for his "May Day!" call, returning tonight from a long absence where he beat throat cancer. If you have Gamecenter, take a listen during the first period. Also fuck cancer.

On Fighting in Hockey - A take from Copper & Blue on the hysteria over McDavid's fight injury last weekend.

Farewell, Enforcers: A Eulogy for an NHL Institution - DGBs eulogy to the enforcer.

Look at this imposter - A guy pretending to be Tomas Kaberle just signed a PTO with the Wolf Pack of the AHL. His defense partner will be some guy named Mike Kostka. But we all know Kabby retired as a Leaf and never played for any other teams ever so clearly this is a fake Kabby.