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[Monday's FTB] Leafs Latest Letdown Lingers

Hello Monday! Check out the latest on the Leafs, and avoid work.

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No idea for a photo so here's Kadri and Leo
No idea for a photo so here's Kadri and Leo
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday, and I'm hoping to get this done before my boss walks in. Read the Links, post some comments.

Will the real Maple Leafs please stand up?
Vintage Leafs Memories on the inconsistency of this season

Leafs Notebook - November 17
MLHS on Pat Burns in the HHOF and other things

Family says Gordie Howe taking turn for worse
After suffering a stroke on Oct 26, his family says he's heading "in the wrong direction"

Unsustainable Flames can't keep burning teams forever
Everyone loves Mirtle so here a hot take on the Flames and their unsustainability

NHL Career Leaders: Era-Adjusted Points Per Game
Adjust the entirety of NHL history for era affects and some remarkable things appear

After-Action Report for Sunday Nov 16th: Detroit Red Wings 4 - Montreal Canadiens 1
Man, this game got away from the Red Wings quickly. What was a not-bad first period turned into a second period disturbance before devolving into a third period nightmare as the Wings lost 4-1. B...

An Advanced Stats Look at Leaf Players through 18 games
Check it out

So very Oilers.

'It's On Us' to prevent sexual assault. Watch this new PSA
Kevin Love, Jon Hamm, Quest Love and other celebrities have joined the movement to help stop sexual assault on college campuses.

Troy Grosenick singlehandedly defeats the Carolina Hurricanes
Rookie goaltender Troy Grosenick shut down the Carolina Hurricanes by making 45 saves in the Sharks' 2-0 victory.