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[Wednesdays FTB] Bring on the Penguins!

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Only the power of Uncle Leo can stop Crosby.
Only the power of Uncle Leo can stop Crosby.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's game day! Leafs are in Pittsburgh to play Crosby, Malkin, and the filler they put around those guys.

It's also the 97th birthday of the NHL, so happy birthday, and get rid of the trapezoid. it's stupid.

The Steve Dangle Podcast - Farewell Pat Quinn

The Leafs' Fenwick and Their Historical Playoff Odds | The LeafsNation
Here's some numbers, I'm not a big stats guy (I take your word for it on whats good & bad), but middling seems about what I expected for the team all around this year

Kadri dropped from power play - The Globe and Mail
Mirtle on changes to the Leafs PP

Donald Brashear signs with MODO
He's here to protect Nylander from his own teammates!

Blue Seat BlogsHenrik Tallinder signs PTO with Hartford
Blue Seat Blogs on the Rangers latest attempt at some D depth

The NHL Quarter-Season Awards
DGB doles out some hardware, and the Leafs won something!

Last Call in Nassau, Episode 2
Lighthouse Hockey has an ongoing series about the final season before Brooklyn

Compuware Arena to be sold to USA Hockey
The home to the OHL's Plymouth Whalers will become the home for the US National Team Development Program. Where does this put the Whalers? All they'll say is "Peter Karmanos still owns the team"

And finally, here's the Canucks pre-game cermony for Pat Quinn