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[Wednesday FTB] Jean Béliveau 1931-2014

Today we mourn another hockey great. An individual with more Stanley Cups than 29 NHL teams.

Taking the tie for the fans, as he always did
Taking the tie for the fans, as he always did
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jean Béliveau passed away yesterday at the age of 83. When the news broke, the stories, as they do, came out from all corners of the hockey world. He seems to have made time for everyone who needed or wanted some with him. Lots of stories, even I had one from the past few years:

Here are your links today.

Remembering Jean:

Gare Joyce at Sportsnet

Dave Stubbs at the Montreal Gazette


Habs Eyes On the Prize

Leafs beat Dallas 5-2 last night

Blue and White Brotherhoods recap

Maple Leafs Hot Stove recap

Breaking News:

The Toronto Marlies won a game!

Other news:

LA Kings "accidentally" let Voynov practice with the team, NHL "accidentally" fines the $100,000 - sbnation

Did the NHL all star jerseys leak?
I'm not sure these are worse than the Montreal all star sweaters.

And finally for a laugh today:

Yes, the Blues really signed Brodeur.
Here's his mask.