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From the Branches: To the pain!

"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, I avoided the Leafs game and watched the Marlies. This ended up being an excellent idea, because instead of feeling constantly frustrated by the Leafs-that-are, I felt uplifted by the Leafs-that-will-be. The Toronto Marlies won their season opener against the Manitoba Meese, 5-3, on the strength of goals from Nylander, Froese, Campbell, Leivo, and an empty netter from Carrick.

Two power play goals alone would've made me sigh with frustrated envy, but then there were tweets like this:

And this:

And I don't think this is out of the picture, much:

It's going to be an antidote of pure adrenalized fun to other parts of the Leafs season.

Speaking of, here are today's headlines.

Leafs News

Devils will invite Lamoriello to Brodeur ceremony | NHL

Mike Commodore doesn't like Mike Babcock | PPP
This was strange and troubling, and I hope Commodore gets the help he needs.

Red Wings fans give Babcock standing ovation, he shrugs | PPP

Nylander scores as Marlies open AHL season with victory over Moose | WFP

Catch up on the Marlies goals from last night here!

Game 2 Recap: Revenge of the Babcock | PPP

Red Wings Recap: Detroit Dominates Toronto 4-0 | WIIM

Other Hockey News

The New York Riveters First Game Will be Streamed Live and Free via YouTube | BSB

James Wisniewski to Miss 6 Months | THW

Former NHL player Aaron Ward arrested for DV | ESPN

Kings, Mike Richards reach settlement | FTF

Sabres goalie Lehner to be evaluated after MRI | NHL

The contract Paul Holmgren gave Mike Richards will be on the books until 2031 | BSH

Protesters want apology from NHL player who killed grizzly | AP

An Angry Letter to the 2015-16 Colorado Avalanche | MHH

The NHL's new 3-on-3 overtime is pure mayhem | USA Today

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