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From the Branches: It's Monday

I have nothing witty, I'm sorry.

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Good Morning PPP! I don't have much here for you, since I have a day full of software testing ahead of me....yay. Read up on Acha's excellent interviews with the Solar Bears. Wow what a good job we do with speaking to teams and being professional...cough.

Also it's game 3 for the ACLS tonight. Let's Go Blue Jays!

Maple Leafs Links

WATCH: Mitch Marner's three point night in win over Greyhounds - Pension Plan Puppets

Solar Bears' home opener showcases Toronto prospects - Pension Plan Puppets

Interviews from the farm with Noreen, Vail, Rupert, and Madore - Pension Plan Puppets

the Underlying Numbers: Penguins vs. Maple Leafs - PensBurgh

The Toronto Marlies Will Not Go 76-0-0 This Year | The LeafsNation

Game Recaps

Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings 2, Avalanche 1 - Jewels From The Crown

LOLZ Canucks - The Copper & Blue

GAMER: Offense Arrives As Ducks Drop Wild 4-1 For First Win Of Season - Anaheim Calling

Blues Vs. Jets Recap: Penalty, Two Minutes, Reading This Recap - St. Louis Game Time
Those Penalty Blues... Jets Drop Game to Divisional Foe - Arctic Ice Hockey

Other News

Ducks Gameday: Move the Minnesota Outdoor Game to the 'State of Hockey,' California - Battle of California

The Oilers will soon have the upper hand in Alberta | Barry Melrose Rocks

What is wrong with Ryan McDonagh? :: Blue Seat Blogs

Raise the Torch: One fan's burgeoning passion for the Montreal Canadiens - Eyes On The Prize

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Time for Coaches to Own Power Play - PensBurgh

A Crisis of Confidence - The Cannon

Oh, and this link right here will take you to the Election Day Chatty Cathy. All election/political talk goes there.

Chatty Cathy - Election Day Special - Pension Plan Puppets