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From The Branches: Blue Jays, democracy... maybe some Leafs?

Good post-election morning! Get your links!

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Well, what a night that was last night, eh? The Blue Jays faced off against the Kansas City Royals in Game 3 of the ALCS, and Canada went to the polls to elect a government. Was the outcome of that game not crazy? That team in blue really deserved the win. And how about that election? I'm sure you're all happy or sad that your party of choice won or lost. I'd love to discuss the outcome of both events that I totally know because I definitely didn't write this blurb on Monday afternoon.

Now; to your links.

Leafs Links

Rielly on Playing the PK, Hunwick and More |

Chris Lund has some comments from Morgan Rielly after Monday's practice.

'We Need Him To Be Better': Babcock on Bernier | Toronto Sun

I don't think necessarily means goaltending controversy, but....*sounds GOALTENDING CONTROVERSY alarm*

Slow Starts Hurting Maple Leafs | Toronto Sun

In other news, water is wet and grass is green.

TLN Player Power Rankings | TLN

Jon Steitzer with this week's rankings. Komarov and Hunwick shoot up the charts with their play.

NHL/Hockey Links

NHL Players' Poll: Which Team Has the Worst Home Ice? | Puck Daddy

The results will....probably not shock you in the least.

TSN's Kerry Fraser Says Gallagher Goal Shouldn't Have Counted | Kukla's Korner

Not sure what's more shocking: that there *isn't* the vast officiating conspiracy against the Habs that their fans claim there is, or that Kerry Fraser actually got a call right.

NHL Weekend: Has Anyone Seen Sidney Crosby? | Grantland

DGB on the weekend that was in the NHL.

Should Randy Carlyle Become Ducks' Next Coach if Boudreau is Canned? | Puck Daddy


But, in all seriousness, no. I'd much prefer to see Boston or LA make that mistake.

What We Learned: You Couldn't See This Bad Start Coming? | Puck Daddy

Lambert on the Flames' slow start to the season.

Sharks Goalie Jones Making Most of his Shot at No. 1 Job |

Kings really shouldn't have traded away their good goaltender for Milan Lucic IMO.

Furies Split Opening Weekend Games Against Boston | PPP

Our own CWHL reporter Ben Smith recaps the Toronto Furies' weekend.

Other Links

Chatty Cathy: Election Day Special | PPP

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We here at PPP Heavy Amalgamated Industries, Kitten Ranch, and Cargo Shorts Depository GmbH do not want this FTB clogged up with political discussions. For those of you who wish to discuss the election results, please do so in the thread above.