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From the Branches: Leafs Lost, McDavid STILL injured and #RoarBacon

The Blues made up a new rally cry, McDavid Watch 2015 is up and running and the Jets beat the Leafs.

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Good Morning. My basement office smells like a skunk, which is awesome. Quick Links below. I'll add more in a bit. Or not. I dunno, you'll just post them in the comments anyway.

Leafs Links

Recap: Leafs Lose Heartbreaker 4-2 to Jets - Pension Plan Puppets

Let James Reimer prove he's a number one goalie this November. - Pension Plan Puppets

Maple Leafs show blueprints of foundation in loss to Jets - Sportsnet

Speaking of last night:

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The above jersey foul was sent in by PPP reader jebrand99, who said, "I went to last night's game and encountered this jersey. Thought I would share it for giggles."

Other Links

Leafs’ James Reimer fights to regain form – and No. 1 job - Mirtle
Reimer is a using a new technique known as head trajectory, which was developed by Tri-City Americans goalie coach Lyle Mast and is catching on around the NHL. What exactly it is is somewhat of a state secret. But the theory centres on the idea that head positioning, movement and the related biomechanics are vital part of being an elite netminder.

Former hockey pros and the NHL are locked in a legal war over head trauma -

The Patrick Kane case shows how much power fans wield in the way athlete investigations are handled -

Franchise Hockey Manager 2 Review - Pension Plan Puppets

Blues find their rallying cry: #RoarBacon : Sports

Razorisms: A Helpful Guide for Daryl Reaugh’s Commentary - THW
"Like poop through a diarrhea infected goose."

Stars fan puts shipping name on jersey - Fansided
In the words of JJfromKansas, "Bennguins, unlike regular penguins, are arctic creatures rather than antarctic. You'll never see a Bennguin heading down south."

Eichel heard about McDavid's injury, taking no chances - DBDB
"In what I can only imagine was a response to his draft-mate being injured, Eichel then took an opportunity to don some extra protective gear to ensure he didn't get an unwanted injury."

Are the Buffalo Sabres better off with Bylsma than Nolan? - DBDB
I had no idea this was even a question.

Kyle, a writer at Winging it in Motown, is taking part in Movember on behalf of his grandfather. If you'd like to check out his Movember page, it is here.

Enjoy your Thursday. I need to get out of this room...