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From the Branches: Monday Funday

I'm not promising fun, mind you.

I couldn't find a Wendel Clark fishsticks picture.
I couldn't find a Wendel Clark fishsticks picture.
Harry How/Getty Images


What is it with my office and humidity? It's always sticky and gross in the morning (YES I KNOW HOW THAT SOUNDED YOU IMMATURE NERDS), but I guess this is the price you pay for a corner office overlooking the Toronto Islands. Yes, my life is hard. But sticky. (GROW UP).

Here are some links to new stuff that happened over the weekend.

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: Have your say! - Pension Plan Puppets
Since you're all sooooo smarter than we are.

CWHL Draft Preview - Pension Plan Puppets

Next generation of stars join CWHL following draft - Pension Plan Puppets

Non-PPP Leafs stuff

TLN's All-Time Greatest Leafs Team: George Armstrong | The LeafsNation

And some other links.

2015 CWHL Player Entry Draft: Results of all 12 rounds - Eyes On The Prize

#AskFFH: your Arizona Coyotes questions answered - Five For Howling

Cannonfest 2015: Ever Growing, Ever Changing. - The Cannon

Daniel Carcillo wants to help ex-NHL players plan for life after hockey - Second City Hockey

LA Kings sign Christian Ehrhoff for one year, $1.5M | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

How Could NHL Expanding to Las Vegas & Quebec City Affect New Jersey? - In Lou We Trust

It's been real - Battle of California
Stace of Base leaves BoC. Congrats Bettman, first it was the NHL Awards, now you took away her blog.