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From the Branches: I'm too old for this

No, we're not turning into a Devils blog, I'm just hungover.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Saturday was a great day. Hockey in the afternoon, met some people in the real world for the first time, then to a party after that. Sunday was all about recovering from Saturday. I never needed a recovery day before. And how did it get worse as the day went on? Also my aplogies to the owner of a townhouse in Mississauga. Your yard looked nice, but i hope you wore shoes in the morning.

Here are your morning links.

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As wildfires rage on across North America, we wanted to take a moment and think of those choosing (as a career and as a volunteer) to go into the heart of the fire and and around the perimeter to protect and rescue those in dangers' path. The links below are organisations who help those who help us.

Wild Firefighter Foundation

Heroes Are Human

Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (US)

It's August 31st, so NHL training camps and rookie tournaments are coming soon, OHL camps start today, the Q is still running pre-season games, and the European leagues are starting up as well.

Remember to keep your voices down today, and no one turn on the lights.