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From the Branches: Let's beat Ottawa twice in one night

The Pre-season games begin after a productive weekend in Halifax

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Tonight the Maple Leafs take to the ice and show us what they can do for the first time tonight in not one, but TWO pre-season games vs the Ottawa Senators. Half the camp goes to Ottawa and half come home to the ACC. Most sections of the ACC are sold out or only have single tickets. Pre-season fever! Catch it!

Since this is the only split squad game I expect there to be cuts coming tonight/tomorrow morning.

From yesterdays FTB, some news on LeafsTV:

Anyone else have Leafs TV dropped from their cable package this week? Noticed yesterday that it was gone, called Rogers and was told it’s now a stand alone channel.
I asked why there was no warning of the change, and they said it was "in the news" but no notifications were sent to customers.
They offered it free for a year to make it up to me.
by J.S.King

And I checked, pre-season games are NOT on Game Centre Live

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Enjoy your Monday!