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From the Branches: Dealing with loss

First my oldest cried, then I cried, then Maggie laughed. Oh she's such a little trooper!

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This isn't my kid. I would never put mine in a fucking turtleneck
This isn't my kid. I would never put mine in a fucking turtleneck
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Good morning PPP. So with the preseason under way hockey is back on TV and being talked about. On Wednesday night the family and I went out for dinner at a sports bar. The oldest was enthralled with the soccer game on the TV's and then saw Sports Centre and laughed that TSN had to show a Senators/Sabres game.

I did something right I guess.

Some highlights of Kessel scoring for Pittsburgh came on and the kid looked up at me and asked "Are we still Leafs fans?"

Oh boy. His first ever favourite player (though as an infant he'd stop crying when Mats Sundin was on the TV) was traded and I guess he's not over it.

"Well buddy, I still am, I mean they've done worse to me, but if you want to keep cheering for Phil and be a Penguins fan that's okay too."

"Why did they trade him? That's stupid he's awesome."

"Because they hate you" said the Habs fan across the table.

"What? Why?"

"Well, I can't argue with her but it's your decision. You can cheer for both if you want, but remember. The Penguins will eventually go bankrupt again, and maybe it will stick that time."

No decision on that front yet, but he was in some very deep thought. Until TSN's bit on Goldie Goldthorpe came on and he laughed at his hair and we moved on into telling the kids stories about how batshit insane hockey was in the 70's and 80's. They loved the Milbury shoe story and Derek Sanderson chasing Habs fans out of the forum in skates, then not being let back in (read his book, it's pretty good).

There's my story, and here are some links.

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And the rest

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Women writers at SBN (a few PPPers, who are always great reps of the site) got together and voiced their opinions. The article is fantastic and well spoken (especially for a large group writing it). The response in the comments and online was predictable. Regardless of goons, much respect to the writers for speaking their minds and sharing their strong opinions regardless of what comes after.

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Good job, dumbass.

Don't fill up on reading those just yet, we've got two articles coming out for you today. Species and his review of Metro moves this summer and another Wisdom of the Crowds piece from Charlotte's Webster

It's Friday, lets get down.