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From the Branches: Hat trick! Leafs Win! All is good in the world!

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The mornings after a win are brighter than usual

NHL: Nashville Predators at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning! After the 6-2 win last night everything is awesome. Goooo Sports Team!

Editor in Leaf looks at the Maple Leafs plans for the future.

Last Word on Sports takes a peak at some unsung OHL prospects for the Leafs.

Vintage Leafs Memories wants to know how you feel about the teams progress so far.

Down Goes Brown looks at the 10 types of HHoF snubs.

Brent Burns is the best Shark so far this season.

Arizona hockey is growing, despite all of the turmoil around the NHL team.

Blue Seat Blogs finds somehting to complain about, no matter how the team is doing.

Finally, Silver Seven Sens goes over Eugene Melnyks latest public meltdown and points out why everything he’s saying is wrong. Again.

Enjoy the day.! Watch out for the Kraggle!