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From the Branches: Kadri's nifty mittens give Maple Leafs a win

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So much for the McDavid - Matthews "rivalry".

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs win the first game of the media manufactured McDavid-Matthews "rivalry" games. These teams, which play each other in 2.4% of their season games, are apparently now rivals because Matthews is a good first round pick, and McDavid is a good first round pick. Or something.

They’re not rivals.

If anything, there is now a McDavid-Kadri rivalry after he was up in his face all night. The most hilarious part was Milan Lucic basically giving Kadri a stern talking to a la Apu: "I have politely asked you three times to stop mangling my McDavid. You leave me no choice but to... politely ask you once again."

Anyway, the Leafs won! It was even a thrilling, though quick, overtime victory. DGB explained it best.

Kadri had a great quote after the game too.

Leafs honour indigenous peoples during game - The Globe and Mail
The team honoured victims of residential schools, as well as missing and murdered indigenous women, during the first intermission of their game against the Oilers.

Nylander named NHL rookie of the month - elseldo
Beats out fellow Leafs Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews by a hair.

Where in the world is Josh Leivo? - Katya
[Species: Lynne Thigpen would know!]

Marner is staying in the NHL; his contract isn’t sliding - Katya

What will Leafs Defensive Corps look like at season's end? - Tip of the Tower
The Leafs defensive corps will undergo some changes in the months to come, the only real question is to what extent? What changes are the most urgent?

Other News

Stephane Quintal will take a second look at this

On the other hand he won't be looking at this one.

But maybe this one?

Sportsnet CHL Schedule: How to watch the Leafs prospects - elseldo
The Leafs have prospects in all of the leagues, and here’s when/where you can catch them.

Owen Tippett is Likely the Best OHLer in the 2017 Draft - Blogger's Tribune
"While this year’s draft is being looked at by many scouts as a step down from previous years, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other blue chip prospects available after Nolan Patrick – and Owen Tippett will be a very nice consolation prize for a team that needs to draft a forward in the top-5."

Vegas to have 48-hours to sign FA's prior to expansion draft - Raw Charge
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Alex Ovechkin is actually a Sharks fan - Fear The Fin
Smart man.

CCM releases YouTube video series on Crosby - PensBurgh
[Species: Did you know Sidney Crosby loves hockey? I had no idea. Thankfully someone had too much left in the marketing budget heading in to the end of the fiscal year and needed to use it up. The result is another insufferable Crosby profile series covering the same things all the others do.]