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From the Branches: Maple Leafs win, Marlies win, Solar Bears win, EVERYONE WINS!

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Every team in the Maple Leafs organization gets a hat-trick win

Fernando Medina / Solar Bears

The Maple Leafs convincingly defeated the Washington Capitals last night, winning 4-2. J P Nikota has your recap here.

The Marlies also won yesterday, defeating the Utica Comets 4-1. We will have a recap of that game up shortly.

You know who else won? The Solar Bears! They defeated the Brampton Beast 5-2. Don Money has a recap here.

Check out this bizarre off-the-goalies-back goal by Austin Block. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video for dancing Shades!

The Leafs now have two days off, returning to face the Oilers on Wednesday and the Flames on Thursday. No, it’s not a road trip to Alberta, they are both coincidentally coming here back-to-back.

Other News

Highly Unlikely the Leafs Can Successfully Oppose Snoop Dogg - Forbes
Looks like every dog has his day.

Andrew MacDonald’s expansion draft status - Broad Street Hockey
[Species: this is a good explanation of one of the obscure draft expansion rules, and possibly how MacDonald made it off Hextall island.]

And that’s about it. There really isn’t much more news right now. The NHL is humming along with most teams approaching the quarter season mark.

If you see something interesting that I missed, throw it up in the comments!