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From the Branches: Maple Leafs off to Alberta

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Alberta beef is terrible, by the way.

Phoenix Coyotes v Edmonton Oilers
Remember when Lupul played for the Oilers?

The Maple Leafs kick-off this season’s Alberta road trip tonight against the Oilers, with the storied Matthews - McDavid rivalry playing out one last time this season.

Our preview will be up later this morning. Yes, this game doesn’t start until 9:00PM. Start brewing the coffee now.

Tomorrow the Leafs play Calgary, where another chapter will be written in the legendary Matthews - Stajan rivalry.

The Marlies are hosting the Lehigh Valley Phantoms tonight at Ricoh Coliseum. If you got to the game, stop and say hi to The Seldo!


Where are the Leafs after 21 games? - Katya
At the approximate one-quarter mark into the season, the Leafs team statistics tell an interesting story of a brand new team in blue and white, unlike any that has gone before. [Species: So the Leafs are staring in the new Star Trek TV series?]

Maple Leafs prospects recap: Nov 21-27 - elseldo
Brooks & Bracco are once again the stars of the week.

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