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From the Branches: How the Chicago Cubs victory relates to the Maple Leafs

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Be madder internet.

MLB: World Series-Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Spoiler: It doesn’t. At all.

However, I was on the bus this morning and got to thinking, “seldo”, I thought “what’s the longest sports drought now that the Cubs is rest to zero?”.

So I googled it and thought I’d share my results, which you can read right here. Shockingly, I put a Leafs twist on it because I was publishing it on a Toronto Maple Leafs website.

This has made some people mad on line. It’s not very hard, but holy crap shut up and maybe go back to waiting for your team to relocate.

Anyway, congrats to the Chicago Cubs and Bleed Cubbie Blue, you all have earned the whatever it is fans of championship winning teams feel.

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Finally, enjoy this: