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From the Branches: Leafs finally win in Arby’s National Bank Arena, Buffalo curse lifted

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NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs finally won a game in Buffalo, getting the monkey off their back that is the inability to win in Home Depot Arena.

It’s been a long while, and Canada Border Services makes it an awful time crossing the border by refusing to staff properly, but, once you walk through those doors of the Nestle Crunch Centre, see the Leafs win, and Mitch Marner score, it’s worth the drive to the Burlington Coat Factory Dome.

Here are some links you can read while waiting for the Leafs next road trip to the Topps Markets Centre.

Katya did up PPP’s recap of the game, since it wasn’t by me you know it’s readable!

Here’s Die by the Blade’s reaction to losing on home ice in the Coca-Cola Life Refreshment Gardens.

Down Goes Brown looks at the times ‘good’ teams got off to bad starts.

EOTP goes back and recovers the time they traded away some players for another player.

The Blues Winter Classic jerseys leaked and...they’re very, very, very plain.

Do you like numbers? Do you like them being shot out of a Cannon?

Thee are your links, and the Leafs next head down to the Larry’s Wings Shack Arena on March 25th, so... go get in line at the border now.