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From the Branches: Mitch Marner helps Maple Leafs make it a three game win streak

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Canucks lose their cool as Leafs slide into a playoff slot

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Three games! It’s a bona fide winning streak!

The Leafs defeated the Canucks 6-3 last night, giving the hapless rain-city team their eighth straight loss in a wild game that saw 171 penalty minutes, a line brawl, and a disappointing goalie non-fight.

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Seriously, Freddie. Were you only there to exchange pasta casserole recipes with Ryan Miller? Don't skate all the way down there and get us all excited only to amicably chat with him. Tell him Miller’s Marvelous Manicotti is awful and get him all riled up like Bernier did.

Goalies aside, it was definitely an intense game.

Click here to get all the details on the big win in Nafio's recap.

There are two questions this morning concerning the Leafs. The first is regarding Nazem Kadri. The game was ugly all around, and the Canucks - notably Alex Burrows - instigated a large number of the incidents, but Kadri is the one who may face additional punishment for this hit on Daniel Sedin:

This one is tough to call. The DoPS will consider that Sedin did return to the game after clearing the concussion protocol, and he appeared fine. As well, this isn’t a grievous "OMG" hit where a player jumps off his skates. The consensus online opinion seems to be a 1 game suspension. Vote in the poll below to share what you think.

The other question facing the Leafs is will Marner and Matthews quit hockey for a singing career?

Anyway, the Leafs won! And they now have 13 points which actually puts them in the last wild card slot in the Eastern Conference.

The Maple Leafs are a playoff team right now, folks. Let that sink in.

Last Night’s Other Games

Crosby was doing Crosby things like this to the Sharks:

The Shorks pulled Martin Jones and put some guy you have never heard of in net. While they lost the game, he seems to be really happy to have had the chance to play.

The Kings earned their first regulation win. Yes, you read that correctly. The Kings first regulation win was a month in to the NHL season.

Meanwhile the Flyers messed up an opportunity to beat Price and the Habs. How do you score four on Carey Price and still lose? Sporps is hard for the Flyera.

We also learned NHL refs really don’t like to be bothered when there’s a power play.

The Marlies are in Newfoundland for a back-to-back against the Ice Caps. Josh Leivo still exists, folks. Really! He played last night and... something weird happened.

PENALTY: 01:23     TOR     Josh Leivo, Hooking
GOAL: 01:30     STJ     Michael McCarron
PENALTY: 01:30     TOR     Josh Leivo, Unsportsmanlike conduct

I have not seen any video or context here, but the game sheets show he earned a penalty while coming out of the penalty box seven seconds after going in. If you saw the incident, let us know in the comments what happened.

UPDATE: Katya informs me this is a quirk of penalty record keeping. Leivo earned both penalties simultaneously at 1:23, which were to be served consecutively. Apparently he was mouthing off while going to the box and the unsportsmanlike like conduct penalty was added on top of the hooking. The second penalty kicked in at 01:30 when the Ice Caps scored, nullifying the first, which is why it shows this way. The takeaway is someone needs his mouth washed out with soap!

Meanwhile in Orlando the Solar Bears won 8-5, scoring 7 goals in the third period. Yes, you also read that correctly. The Solar Bears won 8-5, with 7 of those 8 goals being scored in the third period! "It was 5-1"

The always awesome Don Money has the scoop on this remarkable comeback win by the Bears over the Gladiators. Really interesting is his note that "Orlando killed off all 22 opposition power plays it faced during the road trip." Anthony Noreen is teaching some good hockey down in Florida!

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