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From the Branches: Lights out in Denver

Frederik Andersen gets the shutout, the goat scores his first, now onto Arizona!

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NHL: Preseason-Toronto Maple Leafs at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning Leafs fans!

It’s dead quiet over here at seldo’s workplace incorporated, so I’ll probably spend the day working on my Christmas morning surprise I have for everyone.

The Leafs shutout the formerly great, formerly Stanley Cup winning franchise that is now suffering as we once did known as the Colorado Avalanche.

Check out some recaps from PPP (Fulemin’s recap), TLN, MLHS, The Athletic, and Mile High Hockey.

In other news the Bloggers Tribune looks at JVR trade ideas.

Down Goes Brown debuts for The Athletic looking at Leafs prospects at the World Juniors.

DGB also grades the 2016 trades for the Western Conference.

Hockey Analysis wrote a song about Auston Matthews.

Last Word on Hockey looks at Mitch Marners impact on the Leafs

Editor in Leaf has some Christmas wishes for the Leafs.

Mike at Vice Sports looks into some of the NHL’s best Christmas Day moments.

Finally, Blue Seat Blogs airs it’s Festivus grievances at the Rangers.

Enjoy the day, especially you bastards that don’t have to work.