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From the Branches: Christmas is here

Join your PPP family for some Christmas cheer

Christmas Day Swimmers At Brockell Lido Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

The Leafs are temporarily evicted from the ACC while the IIHF World Juniors are in town. The tournament games are again split with Montreal. There are four games tomorrow, with the highlight being an 8:00PM match between Canada and Russia.

We will have lots of coverage, including previews of each team today and tomorrow, but you can start with Katya’s tournament preview here.

The Marlies are back in action tomorrow too, playing the Ice Caps at Ricoh Coliseum.

A Corrado Carol - elseldo
I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little story, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it.

Having Phil Kessel over sounds like the best possible Christmas Eve.

I hope you all have a great day today doing whatever it is you like to do! Don’t forget to check in here with your PPP family!