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From the Branches: Maple Leafs play Canucks in Vancouver at convenient time for Toronto

Convenient time of day, that is! Bask in the tears of hockey fans not in the center of the Universe.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Calgary Flames
“Hey, I didn’t make the schedule, I only play by it”
Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

The Maple Leafs finish off their Western Canada road trip today with an appointment at the Vancouver Canucks. Said appointment is set for 7:00PM EST, to be aired on Hockey Night in Canada, much to the chagrin of Canucks fans.

Yes, it’s that once a season event (no, not the Moores sale, which is once a season, for the entire season) where the Leafs play the Canucks in Vancouver at 4:00PM PST, and Canucks fans have a collective temper tantrum over their precious terrible team being treated like an inferior market (it is).

Prepare to read many tweets about “Toronto bias” today, and revel in them!

I mean that’s ridiculous. The Canucks have important baby players too.

Oh, right. They don’t have any important young players.

The Marlies kicked off a three-in-three series last night in Rochester @ the Americans and wound up losing 3-2. Viktor Loov and Andreas Nielsen scored for the Marlies. They now face the Hartford Wolf Pack back in Toronto at Ricoh Coliseum; today at 5pm, and tomorrow at 3pm.

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The Marlies will pass the quarter pole of the season this weekend.

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The video shows a mid-ice collision in Friday’s game.

Leaf fans upset by NHL Centennial Classic jersey snub - The Star
League’s online store couldn’t ship Centennial Classic jerseys to Canada.
[Nafio: they aren’t stocking women’s sizes either.]

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[Species: They are all terrifying]

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It’s happening. The league is already getting ready for it.

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The legends of The Boss and Y2J converge over the F-Bomb.

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Here is a burning hot take.

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“It would be easy - and a lot of fun - to write the lede to a game recap in Brian Boyle’s voice"

Le Batard’s father shouts out to Nieto on ‘Highly Questionable’ - FTF
File this under “Epic Sound of the Day.”

Hockey Abroad: The Austrian Thanksgiving fiasco - Ice Garden
As if Thanksgiving isn’t already busy enough, try cooking Thanksgiving in another country- with no turkey!