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From the Branches: Stars, Isles, Caps all move on

And to the rest: LOSERS! ALL OF YOU!

The pic that launched a thousand fan fics
The pic that launched a thousand fan fics
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Game 6 day ended with three series coming to an end. Washington dropped the Flyers 1-0, Dallas beat Minnesota 5-4, and in double overtime the New York Islanders defeated the Florida Panthers 2-1, destroying my bracket in the process. Thanks.

Here are your links for the morning, post more in the comments.

Vintage Leaf Memories - Michael Langlois: Sensing the increased optimism around the Maple Leafs: should there be?
Do we know for sure that the team is headed in the right direction? No, we don’t.

But hey, maybe our expectations have been hammered for so long, we simply want to believe that better days are ahead. But I believe it’s also more than that.

Thoughts from outside the platinums: 2016 Average NHL Draft Rankings - April 14th
Averaging out the ranks for the top 30 prospects in the draft, every source crammed into one.

Leafs from Rivers: RFAs, the Series - Episode 6: Garret Sparks

But what did he establish himself as? An NHL starter? A quality backup? A good young kid who won't ever be a consistent NHLer?

None of the above.

Toronto Maple Leafs Next Captain Is In The Playoffs - Editor in Leaf

Maple Leafs: The First Step For Getting Back To Post-Season - Editor in Leaf
The Maple Leafs are moving forwards, not backwards, upwards, not downwards, and twirling! Always twirling!

Down Goes Brown: Game Six Overtime is the NHL's Twilight Zone
Did the Panthers/Islanders game fit in?

The lost season that could have been - Blue Seat Blogs
This loss wasn’t as bad as 2014, when a bounce here or there in the Stanley Cup Final means more hardware in New York. That was the worst. The loss in 2015 stung, but deep down, we knew Tampa Bay was better and healthier. But at least those series were competitive.