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From the Branches: The temperature is still too high

Elliotte Friedman really wishes it was winter right now.

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Wait a minute! You're not the van Riemsdyk I was looking for!
Wait a minute! You're not the van Riemsdyk I was looking for!
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

TGIF, friends. This week has been too long, and too hot, and too sticky. I'm glad it's over. I bet Elliotte Friedman is too. Yesterday he made international sports news with a major gaffe during his work-cation at the Olympics. Commenting over a swimming race, he mixed up who was where and thought Michael Phelps was Ryan Lochte. This went on for several cringe inducing minutes, with him even commenting on how happy Lochte must feel to be beating Phelps, until he finally realised what he had done after the race was over.

Don't worry, Elliotte. We still love you! And we can't wait for you to interview our shiny new first selection from the draft, Patrik Laine.

There's only a few more working hours until the weekend begins, though we are warned by Environment Canada this could be a volatile one. With humidity at its peak there's a strong chance of big storms churning up from the lakes. Enjoy the sun when you can! Here are your links.

Welcome to 21st, Rinat Valiev - Achariya
Valiev supplants Timashov's position from last year!

Andrew Nielsen works his way to No. 22 - Fulemin
A big leap forward puts Nielsen on the map this year.

Losing Roy could be a good thing for the Avalanche - Mile High Hockey

Fear not, Avalanche fans. This might not be the end of the world.

No, the Canadiens should not consider hiring Patrick Roy - Eyes On The Prize
[Species: People are telling me - good hockey people with families and children - that Roy is the best. He's very, very good. This is what I'm hearing, folks. I don't know why they would not want Roy, It's lunacy. They're lunatics. Believe me, I would know.]

Friedman on the Subban Trade and the Canadiens - TSS
"I think if you look at Subban, he won the Norris Trophy in 2013 and I do think that he is a much better player now than he was then. As David Poile said in those clips, you talk about the spectacular nature of the way he looks. He’s a lot better at the little things now too."

Canada's National Women's Development Team has been playing in a friendly tournament with players from CIS and Sweden. There are more games today and tomorrow. The schedule is here.

CWHL draft registration proves there's room to expand - nafio
The first of a series of articles about the CWHL draft. This general look at the registration list will be followed by more on how the draft works, who are the star prospects and a draft recap with a focus on who the Furies drafted.

Former NHL player Whitney’s Olympic caddie debut a success - The Spec
The first day of Ray Whitney's caddying career couldn't have gone much better, with the former National Hockey League forward with the Carolina Hurricanes guiding DeLaet to a 5-under 66 in the first group off the tee, even if his guidance was mostly auxiliary.

Passing Project: Dangerous Primary Shot Contributions - NHLNumbers
Learn about the "Royal Road" and its relationship to scoring goals.

Since it's a Friday in August, here's some other random sports and non-sports news to tide you over until VESSEYMANIAMONDAY!

Drinking and swimming in fruit infused water - Brant News
[Species: Whoever wrote that headline is a click bait master.]

Police investigate alleged poisoning of young tennis star at tournament - Guardian
Gabriella Taylor, 18, retired from her quarter-final match in the junior competition and spent several days in intensive care.

Brussels fines 'dangerous' Pokemon Go players - Telegraph
Police concerned about pedestrians causing accidents while playing Pokemon Go have started handing out fines to smartphone users deemed to be dangers to themselves and others.

Chinese traffic-straddling bus hits wall of criticism - BBC News
There was great excitement about this possible solution to traffic woes, but questions are now being asked about whether the project is actually a very elaborate fraud.

Penny Oleksiak wins gold, captures historic 4th Olympic medal - CBC
Elliotte Friedman congratulates Ryan Lochte on winning the women's 100-metre freestyle gold!