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From the Branches: It's Jimmy Vesey eve, and you know the drill Sabres fans

Lake Erie is about to get salty from all the tears shed by the Sabres faithful after Vesey signs elsewhere.

Elsa/Getty Images

Tomorrow's the day Buffaloonians have been waiting for all year! It's the day that the Sabres spent a third round pick to get to. It's the day Jimmy "I don't care for hot chicken" Vesey officially becomes a free agent, and after spending a third round pick to get some extra wooing time, the rumours are all surrounding the fact that...

NHL Rumours: Bruins make Vesey's 'short list' -

Jimmy Vesey's Agent Says Blackhawks on List of Potential Teams

Jimmy Vesey Watch: Shortlist narrowing down; Rangers, Devils in mix? -

Report: Leafs, Blackhawks The Finalists For Vesey | The LeafsNation

No reports have Buffalo mentioned as a finalist.

Tomorrow has the potential to be one of the greatest days since Mike Babcock ditched the Sabres for the Leafs. Remember that? From last summer?

Mike Babcock links: 'Crushing blow' leaves Sabres 'livid' over decision to go to Toronto |

Harrington: Sabres thought they had Babcock locked up - Audio - TSN

LGD: Mike Harrington Is Sad Online | The LeafsNation

Mike Babcock says Sabres' offer was bigger than Maple Leafs' -

Mike Babcock picks Leafs over Sabres, lands massive contract - Buffalo Hockey Beat

Sabres' Murray talks Babcock loss, coach search -

Reports: 'Livid' Sabres thought they had Babcock -

What we learned from Mike Babcock's introduction as Leafs coach | NHL | Sporting News

You know what we learned? Mike Harrington is a sensitive soul who will drive hundreds of kilometers to whine at a press conference.

Oh what a day that was.

But that's just a coach, it's the players that really matter, like Steven Stamkos. Remember that? When the Sabres offered him all the money to join them?

"But some of the numbers being speculated on are upwards of $12 million per year coming out of Buffalo" - Darren Dreger

RUMOR: Steven Stamkos to the Buffalo Sabres :: The World Bowl

Report: Sabres going "absolutely all-in" on Steven Stamkos - Die By The Blade

Can the Buffalo Sabres afford Steven Stamkos? - Die By The Blade - Michael Pachla - Teams will line up for Steven Stamkos but Buffalo might be the best fit.

Sabres "All In" on Steven Stamkos: Report

But Stamkos stayed in Tampa, even the Maple Leafs and their pool of awesome prospects couldn't woo him away.

How about when the tank was SO OBVIOUS for McDavid that they hosted an Erie Otters game because

"The Sabres organization has made a real commitment to develop and grow hockey at every level"

said Sabres president Ted Black

LOLOLOL So how many non-McDavid games have they hosted? That's right, NONE.

Also they sold these:

And how did the team react when they lost and had to, ugh, draft Jack Eichel?

Sabres GM Tim Murray: ‘I’m disappointed for our fans’

Wow! Why aren't superstars lining up to play for PPP's friend Tim Murray?

But, it's okay Buffalo, as long as you didn't come on too strong you won't chase him away.

Well, you know all about driving players away, eh?

Buffalo News laments loss of Briere/Drury

Why Buffalo Should (Sort of) Forget About Danny Briere | The Hosers

Briere-Drury playoff thrills are a distant memory - Bucky & Sully

Sabres never in running to re-sign co-captains - Sports - The Buffalo News

Poor, poor Sabres.Well hey, atleast you have quality forwards on your team like Eichel and...uh...Masterson Nominee Ryan O'Rielly (seriously, good one Buffalo Media), know.

Listen, the team itself may or may not look good in the future, but there are other factors that come into play when picking a team. Like, is the city constantly on fire?

buffalo fires

How about the views you can get from your windows?

Or, is the owner such a cheap billionaire they charge $20 for ROOKIE CAMP games? Hey, if Vesey loved tightwad billionaire owners he'd be going to Edmonton or Detroit.

Atleast he'd have the support of the Buffalo News if he signs there:

Sorry Buffalo, but tomorrow may not be your day.

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Goldenhawk is gathering people at Bier Market downtown Toronto on Friday. I'll be there! (Not sure if this is incentive to come or stay away....)

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But we're only a year or two in?

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No, no more of that

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Alright everyone, fingers crossed we get the outcome we want from today.