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From the Branches: Jimmy Vesey gives a chance, Adam Brooks gets a chance

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jimmy Vesey has given several teams a chance to meet and convince him to sign up with them. Now we all hold our collective breath and wait for him to make up his mind.

Vesey sweepstakes is the system working as designed - Second City Hockey
Why does a player get to hit free agency years after being drafted? Because the alternatives are far less appealing.

In the mean time, you can give a Maple Leaf a second chance. Go here to pick which of the prospects we ranked out of the Top 25 Under 25 should be added to the community vote, where you will have the option to rank them where you see fit. Right now Adam Brooks has a significant lead, but Freddie the Goat is coming up from behind.

Women's Hockey Wednesday: Jessie Vetter retires - nafio
Goalie Jessie Vetter retires. A new crop of hopefuls vie to take her place as the American and Canadian U-22 and U-18 teams compete in Calgary. Plus, CWHL draft profiles, the NWHL schedule is out and the Furies' Kori Cheverie has a new job.

Anticipa-a-tion, the Marlies are making us wait - Katya
The AHL likes to slowly, oh, so slowly tease out the coming schedule each summer, while they play with magnets in the heat of summer and we all just want hockey!

Babsocks are coming to a World Cup of Hockey near you - arii
The iconic socks feature Mike Babcock's face, and they're beautiful.

Transcript: Jimmy Vesey's Harvard coach - MLHS
Harvard Crimson head coach Ted Donato joined The Stretch Run on ESPN New Hampshire Radio to discuss Jimmy Vesey’s upcoming decision about his NHL destination.

Just how quickly will the Maple Leafs compete? - Puck Drunk Love
The Leafs are going to be a case study for analytics whether we want them to be or not.

Will There Be A Centennial Season Captain? - Editor In Leaf
The Leafs are one of seven teams without a captain. Will they name one for the centennial?

Dave Keon hands on with his Leafs Legend Row statue - Sun
Legends Row is going far beyond its original idea of 10 or 12 players. There are plans to move some concrete around Maple Leaf Square to add "many more".

MLSE buys time on challenge to Snoop Dogg’s pot product line - Globe and Mail
The Leafs are once again considering snuffing out a trademark application filed by rapper Snoop Dogg over his line of marijuana products.

Tragically Hip fan auctions off prized Leafs jersey for cancer research - CBC
Inspired by Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, an eastern Ontario cancer patient is putting a cherished piece of hockey memorabilia up for auction to raise money for cancer research.

Five RFA signings that resulted in big trades as compensation - The Hockey News
DGB looks back at the pre-1995 lockout era of forced trades decided by arbitrators. Shanahan was involved in one!

The Flyers now have a ‘Director of Sports Science’ - Broad Street Hockey
His name is Ben Peterson, and he joins the Flyers from Catapult Sports.

Owner of Bauer hockey accused of fraud - TSN
New Maple Leaf Auston Matthews signed a deal with the company only months ago, but now it's continuing viability is in doubt.

World Cup of Hockey jerseys to feature advertisements - Globe and Mail
The NHL and NHLPA announced the ventures Wednesday, as well as plans for fan initiatives in Toronto throughout the two-week event which starts next month

Red Sox vs. Maple Leafs set for Game 7 amidst protests - Brant News
[Species: Yes, it the other Maple Leafs, but still an interesting situation to read about. They can't decide who is actually allowed to play and why now.]