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Monday's FTB: Auston is 19 and just okay at hockey

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We totally skipped Auston's birthday on Saturday, but he celebrated a day late with an okay game in front of the Toronto fans.

The black jerseys are fine, these are not, not even on Auston.
The black jerseys are fine, these are not, not even on Auston.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This World Cup of Hockey thing isn't the worst thing ever. Many people said Sweden's win over Russia was dull, but it's odd, when your team wins, your two favourite players score the goals and the only guy you like on the losing team was good, it's really fun watching a dull defensive shut-down game.

World Cup Things

WIIM have a recap of the Russia-Sweden game. Sweden won that one 2-1.

Auston Matthews crowd favourite in North America World Cup win. From the Toronto Star. North America won it 4-1; it just felt like it was 14-1.

Brooks Laich and his three very Nordic sons went to a hockey game to watch Uncle Leo play. Someone tell I have a sitcom idea for them.

Uncle Leo was busy.

Auston showed off.

You know how sometimes you think a guy was dominating a game, but you aren't sure if it's your own desire colouring your view?


Rookie Tournament Things

Leafs rookie tournament wrapped up with the Marlies, er, Leafs going 3-0, vanquishing all foes. J.P. has your recap from yesterday.

Bracco took a puck in the face on Saturday but was okay for Sunday's game.

Mark Hunter offers some tantalizing hints here that some of those rookies may have played their way into the Leafs' training camp. Expect to hear details on camp soon, maybe today.

Sweeping rookie tournament step in right direction for Leafs. From the Toronto Sun.

Other Leafs Things

Christopher has a preview of the Atlantic division so you can know your enemy.

I did the first report from European prospects who have been hard at work for weeks, so you can know your friends.

Will The Leafs Keep Komarov Past Current Deal? From Editor in Leaf.

Post more Auston GIFs in the comments and you'll be banned.