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Friday's FTB: Everybody's Working For The Weekend

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Hockey is just around the corner.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Friday before a holiday weekend, so don't strain anything.  Here are your links:

Site Stuff

Elseldo: T25U25 #7 - Connor Carrick Seldo gives you the goods on a neat-looking RHD.

JP: How much has the Leafs' goaltending improved? I'm going to say....somewhat!

50MC: WYTS - Winnipeg Jets Fifty says hurtful things about the Atlantapeg Jashers.

Around The NHL

On The Forecheck: Atlantic Division Preview A brief survey of our neighbourhood from the Nashvillains.  Let's laugh at the David Backes contract again.

Today's Slapshot: Chiarelli Says Hall-Larsson Trade Was "Cost of Doing Business" Maybe that's a sign the business was a mistake!

Today's Slapshot: Scott Gomez Announces Retirement Hahahaha remember the Gomez trade you guys

Broad Street Hockey: Philadelphia Flyers' Penalty Kill Part 4 BSH is doing a very fascinating deep dive into the Flyers' PK.  It's around my usual word count, so be forewarned.

Arctic Ice Hockey: M_rk Stu_rt Has His 'A' Removed Just because I love the headline.

Senators T25U25 #2: Jean-Gabriel Pageau Pageau had a better season this year than you think he did.

Coyotes T25U25 #5: Jakob Chychrun I think if there's one lingering disappointment from the draft for me, it's that for about three minutes I had an irrational hope that Chychrun would drop all the way to the 31st pick.

Blackhawks T25U25 #9: John Hayden Hayden's gonna hayde.

We'll have a full slate of content for you today, including 50's next WYTS, elseldo with some Centennial thoughts, and of course, our #6 in the T25U25, Auston Matthews.  Feel free to add your own links in the comments.