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From the Branches: Canada wins, Leafs lose, sun rises in the east

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World cup won, pre-season game was boring, it's good to see things proceed as normal.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good Morning PPPers and link lovers extraordinaire!

I got a bunch of stuff to do today so let's just move on to the good bits and leave my blathering for another day.


First of all, the game recaps are on the front page, so go there and read them.

The Possibility of A Jacob Trouba Trade to the Leafs - Last Word on Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Will Be Watching RFA Deals Closely - Editor in Leaf
Hopefully the market crashes in 3 years

Down Goes Brown: Grab Bag: The Oilers' new mascot will eat your children

Brandon Pirri shines again as Rangers win second straight preseason game - Blue Seat Blogs :: Blue Seat Blogs
Of course he does, he's one of the greatest players in the NHL

About that World Cup - Battle of California
BoC loves it

Sidney Crosby: All he does is win - PensBurgh
Unless it's a fight between his head and David Steckles elbow.

Nick Bonino's next contract: can the Penguins afford to retain him? - PensBurgh

Admirals' Log: Edmonton Oilers Sell ECHL Affiliate Norfolk Admirals - The Copper & Blue
Those are some lucky Norfolks down there


Laugh at my jokes.

Here are your so cold because so true Kaberle takes of the morning.