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From the Branches: The Doug Gilmour trade turns 25

A quarter century ago Cliff Fletcher pulled off one of the biggest trades in Leafs history.

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Pittsburgh Penguins v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images

On Jan 2, 1992, Toronto Maple Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher changed the course of the Maple Leafs. Fletcher had a good team at this point, but needed something that could put them over the edge.

Fletcher was the former Calgary Flames GM. After leading the team to the 1989 Stanley Cup, he moved on in 1991 to tackle the biggest GM job in the NHL: The Toronto Maple Leafs. In 1992 he hired Pat Burns as coach, and just after Christmas he made his move.

Doug Gilmour was unhappy with the Flames at the time. He was looking for a raise that would triple his $450,000 salary, while the team offered him an extra $100,000. On January 1st he walked out on the team, demanding a trade.

On January 2nd, this happened:

To Toronto:
Doug Gilmour
Jamie Macoun
Kent Manderville
Ric Nattress
Rick Wamsley

To Calgary:
Craig Berube
Alexander Godynyuk
Gary Leeman
Michel Petit
Jeff Reese

After scoring 38 points in 38 games for the Flames that season, Gilmour would go on to score 49 in the remaining 40 games. Gilmour would become a legend in his seven years in Toronto, with his #93 retired this season.

The trade would ripple through Leafs history until 2013, when the final player linked to the deal was allowed to walk away.

Cliff Fletcher is again with the Maple Leafs as Special Adviser.

Doug Gilmour is now the General Manager of the OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs, and one time he traded his son away.

You can view the trade ripples below:

Trade December 4 1995
Trade December 4 1995
To Toronto To Edmonton
Peter White Kent Maderville
1996 4th: Jason Sessa
Trade Feb 25 1997
To Toronto To New Jersey
Jason Smith Dave Ellett
Steve Sullivan Doug Gilmour
Alyn McCauley 1999 3rd: Andre Lakos
Trade March 24 1998
To Toronto To Detroit
1998 4th: Alexei Ponikarovsky Jamie Macoun
Trade March 23 1999
To Toronto To Edmonton
1999 4th: Jonathan Zion Jason Smith
2000 2nd: Kris Vernarsky
Trade March 5 2003
To Toronto To San Jose
Owen Nolan Alyn McCauley
Brad Boyes
2003 1st: Mark Stuart
Trade March 11 2003
To Toronto To Montreal
Doug Gilmour 2003 6th: Mark Flood
Trade March 2 2010
To Toronto To Pittsburgh
Luca Caputi Alexei Ponikarovsky
Martin Skoula
Trade March 3 2010
To Toronto To New Jersey
2010 5th: Sam Carrick Martin Skoula
Trade January 3 2012
To Toronto To Anaheim
Nicolas Deschamps Luca Caputi
Trade March 14 2013
To Toronto To Washington
Kevin Marshall Nicolas Deschamps

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