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FTB: Halloween Costumes!

Leafs play the Hurricanes tonight. I wonder what their costume will be?

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning!

The Leafs play tonight but that’s not important, right now. What’s important is finding what all the Buds dressed up as for Halloween this year. (I’m missing a fair many so a crowdsourcing in the comments would be lovely)

Like the game on Monday, we kick things off with Matt Martin .

Nazem Kadri Bob Ross is so fitting because Bob Ross draws pictures and Kadri draws penalties. I’m sure you have all seen the Steve Dangle bits. You know how it goes.

"Make love to the canvas" - Bob Ross

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The five D’s of Dodgeball are Dodge, duck, dip, dive and Dodge. Connor Brown gets it.

Hold the phone she's got a cannon!

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The Carrick’s are on their way UP! (If this is a shot at Carrick’s height I will not be impressed.. I’m only 5’9”)

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That’s all I could find as of yet. On to the real FTB, I guess.

Oh boy, can Auston Matthews backcheck. (He’s also a Toronto Maple Leafs, if you hadn’t heard)

There’s a new Leafs Geeks podcast out with ATFulemin’s best friend Ian Tulloch.

Sportsnet Big Read: To many at the time, boy-band bad boy William Nylander at 8th overall was a risky pick. “Girls want their photo with him. We just hold the camera.” - Kasperi Kapanen.

JVR might be out tonight but he probably won’t be. Sorry Josh.

“The Answer is in the room” - Marc Bergevin. Someone is getting traded today, aren’t they. HEOTP with the full story here.

Elliotte Friedman reported last night that Vadim Shipachyov has been given permission to look around for a trade.

Soon after, Marc Bergevin does the most Marc Bergevin thing in the world.

It’s okay. He has #1 centre Jonathan Drouin.

Sorry this came out late, I didn’t forget about you, I swear.

Have a great day, everyone!