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From the Branches: A look inside the mind of our starting goalie

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It’s not scary, I promise! Plus, news and links from around the league.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting News has a profile out on Frederik Andersen, focusing on his mental toughness and pre-game preparation. It’s an interesting enough read, and while I’m grateful for Andersen giving me permission to say the word “shutout” during games—seriously, I try to live my life in ways that won’t earn me Freddie Andersen’s disapproval—I have to disagree with this section.

It’s one of the more odd concepts in sports where some fans will lose their minds if someone mentions the word “shutout” while there is one in progress, as if the mere mention of the word on Twitter or in the stands or in your living room will have any effect on what happens on the ice.

What I say in my living room does affect what happens on the ice, sir. When I swear at the Maple Leafs, I expect them to listen and shape up. That’s how sports work.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, on to your Tuesday links:


Maple Leafs by the Numbers: #20 Bob Pulford - Pension Plan Puppets
The first NHLPA president gets the nod as #20.

Six points in Five games: Maple Leafs spend on the Black Friday sales - Pension Plan Puppets
Sometimes you just have to have that limited edition Ovi hat trick. Just make sure you can pay for it.

Toronto Marlies advance to top of AHL standings with second win against Belleville Senators - Pension Plan Puppets
The Marlies won 5-1 to finish up their weekend series against the Senators.

Mailbag: Aliens, Crimes, Ron Hainsey - Pension Plan Puppets
All that and more in this edition of the mailbag.

Tryouts are for training camp: Maple Leafs shouldn’t change goalies on a whim - Pension Plan Puppets
Goalie carousels are a thing of the past, at least in Toronto.

Stuff We Didn’t Write

Down Goes Brown: Weekend wrap: Sens of urgency
So it’s probably time to talk about the Senators again.

City of Champions: Only winners get jerseys on Spirit of Detroit
City of Champions: Only winners get jerseys on Spirit of Detroit

Montreal Canadiens fans should not get too attached to Charlie Lindgren - Eyes On The Prize
An aggressive approach to his contract puts all the chips in his court, and could mean an impending change of address.

Gabriel Landeskog suspended for four games - Mile High Hockey
The Avalanche captain gets his 3rd suspension from the NHL.

Mike Babcock on the Toronto Argonauts' Grey Cup championship: "It’s a real good example for us" | Maple Leafs Hotstove
Mike Babcock addressed the media after practice in Calgary on Monday, discussing the threat posed by the Flames’ top line, the Argonauts winning the Grey Cup, the Kadri vs. Komarov race in practice, and more.

Victor Rask Elevating His Compete Level After Hitting Rock-Bottom - Canes Country
After months of being patient and hoping that Victor Rask would eventually play his way out of a debilitating slump, the Hurricanes finally put their foot down, and it may have worked.

New Hall of Famer Kariya reflects on journey | The Japan Times
Paul Kariya defied the odds en route to a Hall of Fame hockey career. He was never one of the biggest or most muscular players. He was, however, always one of the best players. [This is for Acha]