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Monday’s FTB: The Trade That Almost Was Now Actually Is

Duchene finally got traded and Sakic... got a good haul for him? That can’t be right...

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how on Friday night, there was a rumoured three-team trade involving the Ottawa Senators, Nashville Predators, and Colorado Avalanche that fell through?

Well... it un-fell through, and there is a done deal now. Here’s the sum:

So let’s break this down:

  • Ottawa gets rid of Turris’ pending UFA drama and gets arguably a better centre in the process, plus they didn’t give up their most prized prospects or young NHL assets... But they gave up quite a lot for a guy that only has 2 years left on his deal, counting this one.
  • Nashville also improves their centre depth, as Turris can slot in at 2C and push Bonino down to 3C. That’s a pretty good forward group without sacrificing their great defensive depth.
  • Colorado got... well, just about everything except for the young NHL defenseman they were said to be coveting this entire time. They did get a good mix of prospects, plus some goalie depth that they can use to trade away Bernier at the deadline for more picks/prospects, and three draft picks. If they want to REALLY rebuild now, this is a good start.

If this seems like quite a lot to give up for Turris/Duchene, it is, as our resident PP novelist miraculously summarized the move in a single tweet that did not at all ruffle anyone’s feathers (especially Edmonton fans):

Note: this was actually Katya’s joke, so primary assist to her there.

And after all of this, Duchene’s first game with the Sens will be to face the Colorado Avalanche in Sweden. I swear the reason that Duchene trade took so long was because the NHL told everyone to wait for the perfect dramatic moment.


You might have realized it’s November, and may have heard of Movember, which has become a big thing in recent years. Cancer is real and affects many, many people in the world, and it’s worth doing what we can to help them. Just like the Leafs did for this fan during his recurring battle with testicular cancer. It has a link for donations, regardless of your facial hair status.

Back to Excited is.... back! Fulemin and Arvind discuss how they’re at fault for jinxing the Leafs at the height of their seasonal record before crashing and burning on this road trip, and now everything is terrible and they suck and it’s time for another rebuild!

ICYMI, elseldo is doing a fun series on the best Leaf players by jersey number, 0-99, in honour of the Leafs’ 100th anniversary. You can read the 90 to 99 post here, and the 80-89 post here.

Katya looks into the Leafs’ prospects over in Europe and how they’re doing that’s worth a read if you like Grundstrom, Korshkov and company.

Annie has two CWHL recaps up from the weekend, including Calgary’s 3-1 win over Markham and then the rematch where Calgary beat Markham 7-2.

MAGICAL MARLIES MEET-UP! Species is helping to organize a PPP meet-up for a Marlies game on November 25th. If you’re interested click on the link for the details.

Speaking of the Marlies, TLN speculates about what Nikita Soshnikov’s future with the Leafs might be.


So aside from the big trade, there were some actual hockey games that went on that heaped additional sources for mockery against the Oilers.

First, the Oilers got shut out at home 4-0 to the noted powerhouse... Detroit Red Wings? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! The loss also keeps them in 2nd last in the entire NHL. Also, this:

Second, you might remember that infamously bad trade the Oilers made to get Griffin Reinhart instead of taking Matt Barzal, who after this...

Barzal now has 13 points in 14 games at centre, while Griffin Reinhart isn’t even in the Oiler’s organization anymore.

Also in that game, another trade piece that used to be with the Oilers (sensing a pattern yet?) — Jordan Eberle — had two goals, giving him 4 goals and 7 assists in 14 games. That would put him second on the Oilers in points, who have been starved for secondary scoring.


You see, the New Jersey Devils played, and a goal by former-Oiler Taylor Hall got him his 17th point in 13 games, which would put him ahead of even Connor McDavid for the Oiler’s point lead.

But it’s okay, the Oilers at least still have Adam Larsson to show for all those trades, who had a bunch of hits and blocks one night or something. So they’ll be just fine.


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