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FTB: Maple Leafs face Flyers in Philly tonight

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It’s the Maple Leafs first visit this season to the city that boos Santa.

2007 NHL Entry Draft Portraits
SuperCuts was JvR’s first endorsement deal.
Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Maple Leafs are in Philadelphia tonight to face the Flyers for the second of three games this season. The Flyers won the last match against the Leafs 4-2 on October 28, but we did get this sweet goal by Nazem Kadri from Auston Matthews in that game.

The Flyers’ poor performance this season (11-11-7) has lead the normally polite and composed Flyers fans to start up “Fire Hakstol” chants during the games. Perhaps we’ll get a good show like that tonight. Or one like this!

“Show some class, here. This is Philly."

Today we have the first big snow storm of the season in Toronto. I am reminded of a story often retold by my grandmother from when I was four years old.

My father was on a business trip to Philly and was stranded there a few extra days after a major snowstorm. Being only four, assimilating this information and understanding what was happening was a little difficult, but I managed to inform my grandmother on a phone call that “My Dad is stuck in Filthy Delphia.”

I knew even then.


There were doings a transpiring on the Marlies yesterday. Mysterious ones.

Martins Dzierkals and Jean Dupuy recalled from Orlando - Katya
The Marlies add two of the best producing Solar Bears to their lineup. The timing is a little interesting.

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