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From the Branches: Why doesn’t Jughead eat hamburgers on Riverdale?

...that’s his thing. He eats hamburgers. WHY ISN’T HE EATING HAMBURGERS AT LEAST ONCE A SHOW?!

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Ottawa Senators
It seems the Senators are not fans of them
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning PPP.

I’ve started watching Riverdale out of morbid curiosity (Archie and Ms. Grundy do it? What?) and first of all: this dark gritty reboot thing is getting out of control. First Cars gets one and now Archie.

Secondly, where are Jughead’s giant piles of Hamburgers? He’s well known for eating the delicious ground meat sandwiches, and now it’s gone? Why? Why?

Well, I guess the Ottawa Senators like this interpretation, because they’ve placed their own Hamburger minded fellow on waivers. Andrew Hammond is no longer required by the Ottawa Senators, so they’re giving him away for free to any takers.

Such a fall from grace. Dragging the Senators out of a decent draft pick and into the playoffs, giving them excellent goal tending for a while there.

First McDonalds takes away his hamburgers for life deal and now this.

Onto the links!

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Finally, Ryan Noble, of A Very Barrie Colts blogs made some NHL valentines for The Bloggers Tribune.

I’m getting itchy for some Leafs news. It’s been too quiet lately. They’re plotting something over there at the ACC. I can feel it.