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From the Branches: These guys again? Who are these guys!

To Marner, or not to Marner?

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NHL: Ottawa Senators at Toronto Maple Leafs
Will He Play, Or Won’t He?
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Ottawa Senators tonight. They currently have a tenuous grip on the last Wild Card spot, with several teams behind them. Boston is only one point ahead, but that big gap in games played is starting to close so the Leafs could really afford to bank some of those points.

Also, they should win on general principal because fuck the Snes.

The Links!

Much Ado About Zaitsev | FanPost from one of our own, just thought I’d pump their tires!

Auston Matthews now has his own song | By SVDVM, Xuave, & Black Irish, a group of artists from a hotbed of Leafs fans: Ottawa!

Leafs have more cap space than we knew | A good luck at the Leafs’ cap situation from Katya.

Mitch Marner isn’t too injured. DON’T PANIC. | Babcock sorta freaks us out a bit.

Mike Babcock: “If anybody is looking for us to be the news on trade deadline day, I’d find something else to do” | From MLHS, where Babcock sorta is still the best.

The Leafs and Avs are supposedly linked, but who’s really in play? | From Ryan Fancy over at TLN.

Leivo making the most of opportunity to play | from Kristen Shilton at TSN.

Maple Leafs memories of Sidney Crosby: Goals, cross-checks and slashed tendons | Some great stories conveyed via Sean Fitz-Gerald at The Athletic

Heralded girl playing on a boys GTHL team faces the end of her competitive career | Teenage girl with all the talent in the world decides she didn’t want to play hockey anymore. When asked if she minded telling everyone what she did want to do, she said: “I want to be... a dentist!

Cat tax!

MRW when someone comes onto PPP to ask for better content because they hate our content because it’s not enough about the Leafs even though the team of writers puts out like 6 Leafs-centric articles per day but then also says he only said that to piss people off so he could prove that people here get pissed off and thereby by a martyr or some shit who the fuck knows