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From the Branches: I’m tired, leave me alone.

More like daylight savings garbage

McEnroe Off Duty
Johnny Mac has it right, stay in bed people! Protest this archaic trash!
Photo by Tony Duffy/Getty Images

Here are your links, I’m off to punch a farmer for making me get up an hour early.

Die By the Blade was arguing with itself. First it’s all “yay! brawl!” then it was all “boo! brawl”. Like, make up your minds.

Editor in Leaf looks at face offs and stuff.

The Perguins can’t figure out this post-deadline recall stuff and it’s not good.

A Norweigan playoff game went to eight overtimes. The concessions ran out of food to sell. The police tweeted that locals weren’t missing, they were still at the game.

Stamkos is Macedonian. Good for him.

Toronto Sports Media ponders the NHL killing the trade deadline.

Okay, work, yes...I can do zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz