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From the Branches: three weeks left in Maple Leafs regular season

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The ACC was 0 for 2 yesterday, but both Leafs and Marlies stay in playoff slots

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Chicago Blackhawks v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Due to an accident at the Kitten Ranch, today’s FTB has been delayed. While several thousand employees of PPP Amalgamated Zeta Reticuli Mining Ops and Kitten Ranching GmbH died horrible deaths, no kittens were harmed.

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Leafs vs. Blackhawks Recap: More Like Suck Of The Irish - Fulemin
The St. Pats lose 2-1 in overtime to Chicago.

The Marlies lost 8-4 after a humiliating third period collapse in which the Senators scored seven goals. Yes, that means “it was 4-1” at the start of the third period. I am trying to write a recap of this game, but it’s hard to articulate what happened. The Marlies held off the B-Sens well Friday, and in the first two periods Saturday, then... I don’t know. It’s not all on Bibeau, though you can’t overlook he let in seven goals on thirty-three shots (Sens had one EN goal).

The making of Maple Leafs’ Legends Row: Behind hockey’s biggest monument - The Athletic
Erik Blome was never really a hockey fan. He’d watch games, here or there, but he didn’t consider himself a diehard. Then one day his art demanded he become one.

News and Links

On the road with NHL Central Scouting -
[Species: This is interesting, though it’s about the fifth such story I have seen this season; more data to support my hypothesis that the quantity of hockey media is actually at a peak, not a trough.]

2017 NCAA Hockey Final Bracketology - SBN College Hockey
Here are the sixteen teams that will be in this year’s tournament, by ranking.

Former NHL All-Star 'surprised' with S. Korean performance vs. Russia - Korea Times
South Korea lost both of its two men's hockey friendly games against Russia over the weekend on home ice, but the team's strong efforts still surprised many.