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From the Branches: Flyers pay a visit to the Maple Leafs tonight

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Can they build on the success from the last game?

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Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

It’s Leafs vs. Flyers tonight. The Flyers are two points back of the Leafs in the standings so a win by the Flyers would put the teams at a tie for points, but the Leafs would still have the ROW advantage.

We’ll have a preview of the game later this morning.

The Marlies were thrashed by the Amerks last night, losing 4-3. The Amerks captain apparently didn’t like his last place team so the Sabres made an arrangement to loan him out... to the Marlies.

MLHS has the game recap here.

The General Manager’s meetings wrapped up yesterday with only a handful of proposed changes. First, here’s Bettman’s thoughts on timeouts after icing and changing the bye week.

Bettman says NHL participation in 2018 Olympics still in doubt - Globe and Mail
Remember when there was a ‘drop dead’ date to decide on this back in December. They still haven’t decided.

NHL General Managers Prove That They Hate You, Lowly NHL Fan - Canes Country
Want to know who’s on the expansion draft lists? Tired of ten-minute delays for millimeter-offside reviews? Tough bananas.

At Puck Talks last night Mirtle said he thinks there is a near certain chance that the protected player lists will be leaked to someone in the media almost immediately. We shall see.

Sweden don’t want their prospects in the AHL - Die by the Blade
Officials want to see talent developed at home.

Nikita Korostelev skates in first full contact practice since injury - Peterborough Examiner
He won't be in Peterborough Petes lineup Thursday, but he’ll be returning soon.