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From The Basanite: Shanahan Says Our American Rookie Needs To Shoot More

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Toronto can’t afford to lose any more games down the stretch to the playoffs.

2013 Hockey Hall Of Fame - Legends Classic Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With only a week to go before the playoffs start, Toronto is looking to make the playoffs after finishing with the worst record last season. It would be a hell of a turnaround, but they’ve gotten outstanding contributions from their young core. Having the favourite rookie of the year lead your team in points certainly helps.

He really has been great. He leads the team in scoring. He’s top 10 in the league, and despite being American the city of Toronto has really embraced him. The problem? Apparently, Shanahan thinks “you’d still like to see him shoot it even more!” That quote has created a bit of a controversy, but the stoic newbie from ‘Murica just shrugged it off with his trademark casual coolness.

However, they simultaneously have a chance to tie one big division rival and really pull ahead of the rest of the division nipping at their heels - namely, those dirty rats that I hate so much I won’t even say the name but they’re from that area of Eastern USA that rhymes with “Boo Ringland”. You know who I mean. Thankfully, they are still in good playoff position but can’t afford to lose any more games and have a HUGE game this weekend.

Onto the links!

Toronto will get a big boost from a key player returning from injury. It should really help them with their playoff push.

Don’t forget that on April 14th it’s Fan Appreciation Night vs Buffalo, and there are still some tickets available!

For those who haven’t heard of it before, there’s this great podcast that looks at the previous week’s worth of games and news. They usually get the odd player, coach, or team executive on too so take a listen!

Unfortunately Toronto lost a key game against Vancouver last night, which really could have built a big cushion over the hated New Englanders.

Their American rookie sensation had another good game though, and is arguably now the favourite to win the Rookie of the Year. He leads Toronto in points and is in the top 10 in league scoring. The hilarious part is Shanahan saying that he still needs to shoot MORE. More!!

APRIL FOOLS!!! This was about the Toronto Rock all along, not the Toronto Maple Leafs! You see, they also went from last place the previous year to a playoff spot this year thanks to an American rookie who leads the team in points. They also have a color commentator named Brian Shanahan who did actually say that about said rookie, it just wasn’t the Leafs’ Brendan Shanahan saying that about Auston Matthews.


Have a happy Saturday y’all! I will be dealing with my cats demanding food to my tortured spirit as it wanders the netherworld.


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