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From the Branches: Maple Leafs face Capitals tonight after three teams eliminated yesterday

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs are over for the Canadiens, Sharks, and Wild.

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NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Maple Leafs play the Capitals at the Air Canada Centre tonight at 7:00. It’s a must win game. The Leafs will be eliminated if they lose.

We will have a preview of the game later this morning.


Toronto’s Short Bench and the Disappearance of Connor Carrick - Fulemin
Leafs coach Mike Babcock has leaned ever more heavily on his stars, at forward and on defence.

Last Night’s Results

Marlies 6 @ Devils 2

The Marlies trounced the Devils to tie up the best-of-five series. Note that this means there has to be at least a game 4, which will be on Friday April 28 at 7PM at Ricoh Coliseum.

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Freddie the Goat with a sweet sweet pass to Trevor Moore here.

Everblades 0 @ Solar Bears 3

Solar Bears push Everblades to edge with shutout - Don Money

Blues 4 @ Wild 3

The Wild were eliminated by the Blues, but the big story is about Eric Staal. In a scary incident, he crashed head first at high speed in to the boards after accidental contact tripped him up.

The aftermath looked ugly.

Staal was obviously dazed and seemed unaware of what was happening. Two people literally pushed him on his skates to the ice exit after picking him up off the ice because he couldn’t do it on his own. I would expect slamming head first into the boards to be a situation for a neck brace and stretcher, but I am not a medical expert.

Here is the video. It is hard to watch.

Fortunately, it looks like Staal does not have any immediately apparent injuries.

Eric Staal released from hospital after scary collision. - Hockey Wilderness
Staal took a nasty head-first spill into the boards during the second period Saturday and left looking dazed.

LOLHABS 1 @ Rangers 3

Rangers Eliminate Canadiens In Game 6, Advance To Second Round - BSB
The Rangers will now await the winner of the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins, before kicking off the second round.

In much happier news, the Habs were eliminated by the Rangers! This means P.K. Subban is going to the second round, and Shea Weber is not. Oops.

Canadiens’ front office left with many decisions after first-round playoff exit- G&M

Some fans in Habs land went into full meltdown after being eliminated last night.

His parents? OK then.

Oilers 3 @ Sharks 1

The Oilers eliminated the Sharks. The Sharks were close to going to overtime with this incredibly close scoring chance which passed by Cam Talbot, but then bounced off the crossbar, a post and then out away from the net.

Here’s a neat and tidy summary of Saturday’s games.

Other News

Was Cam Talbot Snubbed From A Vezina Nomination? - C&B
Cam Talbot left off of list of Vezina Finalists

Blackhawks GM says everything is on the table after ‘complete failure’ in 2017 playoffs
Stan Bowman didn’t mince words in his first press conference after the end of the Hawks’ season.