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From the Branches: There’s always next year

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Bonus hockey is over, and that’s ok

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning.

The NHL playoffs are over. Well okay there are other teams but the one that matters is now eliminated. Playoffs were the cherry on top of a great season, and taking the Capitals to six games, five overtime, and every game being decided by just one goal was an amazing job done by this team of long time Leafs and rookies.

As we Leafs fans say, there’s always next year,

Here are your links.

Recaps of the game are here at PPP, at MLHS, TLN, and Japers Rink

Puck Daddy asks if this is the Capitals year.

Fear the Fin isn’t letting their coach off the hook for the Sharks elimination.

At least the Canadiens are out as well, right?

Is Ilya Kovalchuk coming back?

Toronto Spots Media talks about the disappearance of Patrick O’Sullivan from TSN

Lighthouse Hockey has more arena news, because that’s 90% of their content. Sorry guys.

The Colour of Hockey is enjoying PK Subban outlasting the Habs in the playoffs.

Don’t forget, the Toronto Marlies are still in the playoffs. We can get you 30% off tickets with our magic code, found here.

Enjoy your day Leafs fans.