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From the Branches: Maple Leafs rookie records keep breaking

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They should switch to rookie MP3’s.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs won a game in the city of Buffalo. A rare sight, and it was made even sweeter because the Leafs chased Sabres goalie Robin Lehner after scoring three goals in 43 seconds, before the Sabres even got a single shot on net. If you missed it, you can find the game in six here.

An added bonus was Auston Matthews breaking the Maple Leafs rookie scoring record. It was set by Peter Ihnacak in the 1982-83 season at 66 points, and last night, in goal number two, Auston Matthews scored the goal that put him at 67 points and on top of that record.

Let’s catch up on those Maple Leafs rookie records:

Record Record Holder Catching up Farther back Even Farther
Record Record Holder Catching up Farther back Even Farther
Most Points Auston Matthews - 67 William Nylander - 60 Mitch Marner - 60 Connor Brown - 35
Most Goals Auston Matthews - 39 William Nylander - 22 Connor Brown - 19 Mitch Marner - 18
Most Assists Mitch Marner - 42 William Nylander - 38 Nikita Zaitsev - 31 Auston Matthews - 28
PP Goals William Nylander - 9 (tie) Auston Matthews - 8 Mitch Marner - 3 Connor Brown - 2
SH Goals Zach Hyman - 4 Connor Brown - 1
GW Goals Auston Matthews - 8 Mitch Marner - 5 Zach Hyman - 3 Connor Brown - 2
Shots on Goal Auston Matthews - 262 William Nylander - 189 Mitch Marner - 167 Zach Hyman - 147
Time on Ice (min) Nikita Zaitsev - 1,716 Auston MAtthews - 1,359 Zach Hyman - 1,294 Connor Brown - 1,248

Yes, this years crop of Maple Leafs rookies have broken EIGHT records so far, not counting point streaks, games played, playoff scoring, etc...

What a year so far.

Matthews is making more than just Leafs records as well.

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