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FTB: At least Dubas isn’t going to the Ottawa Senators

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The Penguins didn’t close out the series last night, and are forcing us to watch a Game 7

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at Ottawa Senators Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Penguins! Why you no do the thing? I really didn’t want to see a Game 7 for this series, but, Thursday night it will be. Hold on to your butts.

Sens Beat Pens 2-1 - Silver Seven
Ottawa sneaks by Pittsburgh 2-1 to force Game 7

Is Kyle Dubas going to be leaving the Maple Leafs? A lot of people think he is at least considering it.

Is this a sign that Kyle Dubas’ tenure with the Leafs is to be short-lived? Katya has some updates here. It turns out this could be smoke from a fire already extinguished.

Other News

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